Colorado Marijuana Guide

Can I Buy Marijuana While I Visit Colorado?
Anyone over the age of 21 can legally possess and consume marijuana in a private setting.
How Much Marijuana Can I Have?
Colorado residents are allowed to buy up to 1.oz at a time and out of state tourists will be allowed to purchase 1/4.oz at a time.
How Do I Buy Marijuana?
It is similar to buying alcohol just bring your ID and money. At this point due to banks unwilling to work with Federally Illegal substances many establishments are likely to operate on a cash only basis so prepare accordingly.
Where Can I Buy Marijuana?
At any state licensed retail dispensary there are well over one hundred and the number is rising fast.
Are There Restricted Store Hours for Pot Shops?
State law prohibits operating between midnight and 8am. This can be overridden by local laws and should only act as a general guideline check your local stores for more information.
How Can I Transport Weed I Legally Bought?
In a locked trunk or cartop carrier will provide the most hassle free places to transport weed while in a car. As for walking around as long as you are within the legal amount allotted it should not be a problem.
Can I Get a DUI For Smoking Weed?
Yes. Avoid driving while high. If stopped you could be required to take a blood draw if the officer feels you are impaired. The legal limit is 5 nanograms and there is currently no quick reliable scientific test such as the breathalyzer.
Where Can I Smoke Weed in Colorado?
In a private setting. Be careful of National Parks which are Federal Lands with Federal officers who may or may not choose to enforce Federal laws.
Colorado’s marijuana laws are constantly evolving and are different by City and Town so please be aware that local laws may be different from the rules stated above or may have changed since this was last updated.  (Nothing on this page should be considered legal advice)